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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture


We believe in the potential of gases


We take full social responsibility, continually explore the value of gas applications, and strive to be the leading industrial gas & service provider


Empower society through innovative and sustainable industrial gas solution

Core values
  • 01
    Safety First
    Safety, as the cornerstone of the enterprise, is the prerequisite for all its business activities.
  • 02
    Synergetic Commitment
    We pledge to step up for commitment, to improve cooperative efficiency, to make decisions in a scientific way and to establish a digitalized intelligence system
  • 03
    Progressive Innovation
    We determine to pursue continuous advancement, to become the industry benchmark, to embrace changes and to constantly transcend ourselves
  • 04
    Corporate Integrity
    We strive to improve ourselves, to dig out customer demands, to value rules and to win long-term trust from customers.
  • 05
    Ecological Symbiosis
    We aim to synergize with internal and external teams to create customer value and we adhere to the concept of symbiosis and sustainable development.
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Promotional Video of Yingde Gases Group

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