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Clean Energy Business

Clean Energy Business

Clean Energy Business is mainly the supply of syngas (hydrogen, carbon monoxide), and hydrogen energy is also our focus. The sources of syngas include coal, natural gas, industrial tail gas, hydrogen production by electrolysis, etc. Yingde Gases owns the clean coal gasification technology of "CWS water wall" with independent intellectual property rights. We have devoted ourselves to the whole process of synthetic gas supply such as the technical scheme research, project construction and gas supply operation over the years, and continuously developed our core competence. We focus on high reliability and high security, and have accumulated all-round standards and systems covering technology and management. Yingde Gases not only has expertise in gas demand diagnosis, modeling and scheme design under multi-user and complex working conditions, but also has accumulated rich experience and solutions for comprehensive utilization and value enhancement of industrial tail gas in various scenarios. In Anyang, we have achieved the precedent of outsourcing the supply of synthetic gas in China.

In Jingmen, we created a synthetic gas island, which not only supplies Sinopec with hydrogen for refining, but also serves the park and supplies various gases.

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