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Overseas Business

Overseas Business

NovaAir, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yingde Gases Group, formally commenced operations in November 2019. Headquartered in Mumbai with offices in Bangalore and Delhi, the business encompasses the entire process of industrial gas production, including plant design and construction, production operations, quality management, product distribution and application technology support. NovaAir produces, supplies and distributes high-quality industrial gas products such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon for customers throughout India.

In the future, NovaAir will leverage Yingde Gases Group’s extensive operating experience and leading technological capabilities as well as NovaAir’s in-house design and project construction team in order to develop a formidable gas supply network in India, providing all-round application support for Indian customers while striving to be at the forefront of the Indian industrial gas industry.

Website: novaair.co.in

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