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Accepting Recruitment Applications
Tel: 021-38998509

Email: hr@yingde.com
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Tel: 021-3899 8508

Email: news@yingde.com
Report Corruption

The company encourages employees to report cases of fraud in the company, and prohibits any illegal discrimination or retaliation. Those who disclose information on relevant personnel in violation of regulations or take retaliatory action against relevant informants will be dealt with strictly. Regarding fraud or related evidence, informants should seek truth in facts, make every effort to reflect the situation in detail, and advocate real name reporting of issues. Informants shall abide by the relevant laws and regulations of China, and shall not fabricate facts, falsify vouchers or accuse others falsely.

Report Corruption Email jubao@yingdeaudit.com

Group Headquarters

Address of Headquarters

Block A, Sunland International, No. 999, Zhouhai Road, Pudong New Zone, Shanghai

Hong Kong Investment Headquarters


021-3899 8888

Address (Investment Headquarters)

Room 3212-13, Block 2, Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


852-3100 0068


852-3100 0069

Official account of Yingde Gas Group
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